General Cemetery

This older section of the Cemetery is still available for burials, both re-opening family plots (if applicable) and for new burials. If utilising this area of the Cemetery, please be aware that there is the added cost of a headstone to memorialise the grave. This memorial is arranged through a stonemason.

Older, unmarked graves can be memorialised by a simple concrete base and bronze plaque. This is arranged through the Secretary. Please note that proof of a family link or right of burial authorisation may be required on application.

Reservations in this section are possible, but are limited in some cases by the close proximity of surrounding graves which may restrict access for gravedigging.

Lawn Cemetery

The Lawn Cemetery is a non-denominational place of rest and is the most utilised area of the Cemetery. Gravesites are marked with a bronze plaque that may include photographic ceramics and/or other special emblems or pictures. This plaque is arranged through the Secretary. Please note that there is a maximum of two burials in any one gravesite, however cremated remains may be interred in a lawn grave.

Reservations are possible in only two instances:

1.         One reservation only may be made by a family member at the time of a burial; ie: an adjacent grave.

2.         Gravesites may be pre-paid in advance, however no specific site is nominated. The reservation is listed as “Next Lawn Grave”.

All reservations made after April 1st, 2010 have a 25 year tenure.

Monumental Lawn Cemetery

This third area for the burial of deceased persons allows for individual monuments to be erected in memory of a loved one. These monuments are to be made of granite, must meet size regulations and are arranged through a stonemason.

Reservations in this area are available and also attract a 25 year tenure.

Child Lawn

One area of the Cemetery has been designated a child lawn, for the burial of young children and babies. A bronze plaque marks the resting place of these deceased children.

INTERMENT OPTIONS – Cremated Remains

Please note – All enquiries regarding the interment of ashes should be directed to the Secretary.

Memorial Gardens

These circular gardens are a pleasant area to inter the cremated remains of a loved one. Each allotment is memorialised by a bronze plaque. Ashes of couples may be mixed on request or interred in adjacent allotments.

Reservations are usually limited to family members of a deceased person.


There are many flowering shrubs planted in the Lawn Cemetery which may have cremated remains interred at their base. Up to four cremated remains may be placed at each shrub, with a bronze memorial plaque. All enquiries should be directed to the Secretary. Usually each shrub is utilised by one family.

Rose Gardens

There are limited allotments available in the three rose gardens in the Lawn Cemetery area. These gardens are for the interment of cremated remains and are marked by a bronze plaque on a concrete desk. No new roses will be planted and places are limited to single allotments (no adjacent interments).

Niche Wall

A cream-coloured vertical brick wall with three wings is another option for the interment of ashes. Each allotment is marked by a small bronze plaque. A new garden has recently been established in the foreground of this wall to enhance the area.

Please note that the newer size ashes containers do not fit in the spaces available, so the cremated remains need to be decanted into a smaller container. This can be arranged through a Funeral Director, Crematorium or the Cemetery.


Babies Memorial

A raised rose garden has been donated by local Funeral Directors, Barry & Annette Lett for families to place a memorial to any stillborn babies, either recent but mostly from years gone by. A bronze plaque can be placed on the surrounding brickwork to remember a baby.

Sale War Cemetery

This Cemetery contains the interred remains of 57 brave young men and 1 woman who died whilst on active service from 1943 until 1945. Most of the defence personnel resting here were stationed at the local West Sale, then later East Sale RAAF base and died during training.

This Cemetery is now closed to any future burials and is maintained by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs – Office of Australian War Graves.