The Cemetery is managed by a volunteer Trust with members who have been approved by the Governor in Council. From time to time there is a vacancy on the Trust. If you would be interested in becoming a trust member, please contact the Secretary.

Remembrance Sculpture

A remembrance sculpture at Sale Cemetery offers a new opportunity to preserve the memory of family, friends, groups or events.
The John Brady sculpture in the cemetery’s north monumental memorial garden features hands cradling a globe of the world.
The sculpture provides a unique opportunity to memorialise a wide range of people or events.
A special plaque can acknowledge a person interred locally or anywhere in the world, or honour a major event or historically significant event.
The sculpture is surrounded by a new garden funded by Cobains CWA. For more information contact the cemetery on

Cobains CWA representatives (from left) Barb Couchman, Lois Neumann, Dallas Evans, Shayne Sukroo, Yvonne Wade and Sandra Shields inspect the garden and new remembrance sculpture